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 from SSI (every Installer works as Standalonegame.)

For every mod you can use this high resolution patch:

Please download the file and put it into your main-Pegfolder.  (Dont start Peg via Win 95 or 98 Combatibility mod ! )

Please have a look from time to time for the newest version.

If you have this patch included you can use this Hotkeys:

Important Hotkeys:
CTRL+mousewheel-up switches between 4:3 and fullscreen
CTRL+mousewheel-down switches between upscaling on/off
CTRL+SHIFT+mousewheel-changes gamespeed
ALT+ENTER switches between fullscreen and 'window'
Compatibility settings : Administrator, (winXP-Sp3 - not always needed )

If you dont want to heare the mouseclick anymore go to the waves folder of the game and remove wave 1. Some pegvariants has 2 wave folders, so you must remove both wave 1.

Turtorial and Tips


Here is Herbys Peg Wrapper for Peoples General , an alternative File to Sven Labuschs Patch.

If you cant get Peg to work on your System or Sven Labuschs Patch does not work for you try Herbys wrapper.

Add it to your Peg Mainfolder.

The People"s General Mods:                                                         Author:

Crimean war 1853                                                                                                                                Michael Nowak, Sympatyk

People"s General War of 1812                                                                                                                  Michael Nowak

People"s General 7 Years war                                                                                                                  Michael Nowak, Devore, Duke Falcon


People"s General Kosciuszko Uprising                                                                                                       Duke Falcon Michael Nowak

People"s General Austrian war of Sucession                                                                                           Michael Nowak

People"s General Spanish war of sucession                                                                                            Duke Falcon and Michael Nowak

People"s General Polish-Russian War of 1792                                                                                        Duke Falcon, Michael Nowak

People`s General Great northern war                                                                                                      Michael Nowak, Devore

Peoples General Texas Revolution                                                                                                   Michael Nowak , Duke Falcon

People"s General American-Mexican War                                                                                               Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon,Sympatyk

People"s General 30 years war                                                                                                                Duke Falcon , Michael Nowak, Devore

People"s General Germans Peasents war                                                                                                Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon, Sympatyk

Peoples" General Little big Horn                                                                                                               Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon, Sympatyk

People"s General French and indian war                                                                                                      Michael Nowak

Peoples"s General Mexican invasion 1.0                                                                                                Michael Nowak

People"s General Sengoku                                                                                                                           Duke Falcon , Michael Nowak


People"s General Zuluwar 2.0                                                                                                            Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon, Sympatyk

People"s General Falklands war                                                                                                                Michael Nowak

People"s General American war of independence 2 Players                                                        Michael Nowak

People"s General Napoleon and American war of independence                                              Robert Mary

People"s General WW1                                                                                                                                Robert Mary     

People"s General Vietnamwar                                                                                                                     Michael Nowak,Sympatyk ,Devore

People"s General Cold war                                                                                                                          Robert Mary,Michael Nowak

People"s General Desert Storm                                                                                                                  Michael Nowak

People"s General Invasion of Irak                                                                                                           Michael Nowak

People"s General Afganistan 1979                                                                                                            Michael Nowak, Devore             


People"s General Afganistan 2001                                                                                                         Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon

People"s General American Civil War                                                                                                  Robert Mary

People"s General Danish Prussian War 1864                                                                                     Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon, Sympatyk

People"s General Austro-Prussian War 1866                                                                                 Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon

People"s General Franco-Prussian-War 1870                                                                                 Michael Nowak, Duke Falcon

Very important !
IDF  modes uses different exe-files.
Every campaign has to be played by the rigth exe.

1. Start the game
2. Read the campaignintro to see which exe file you need.
3. Shoot down the game, go into the Game mainfolder on your hardrive disk
For exemple E/games/Peg IDF.Surch for the icon with the right gameset.

4.Start the game, play your campaign and have fun. If you play with a wrong gameset you will see wrong units and flags.

People"s General IDF-Wars in Israel, Iran, Irak, Syria and more                                           Robert Mary

People"s General The original game                                                                                                   Robert Mary

People"s General Part 2                                                      Michael Nowak

Peoples" General Modern war                                                                                               Duke Falcon and Michael Nowak

Peoples General Modern war Asia

Very important !
WW2  modes uses different exe-files.
Every campaign has to be played by the rigth exe.

1. Start the game
2. Read the campaignintro to see which exe file you need.
For exemple, if you play a finish campaign you will need the finish  gameset. For a russian campaign a russian Gameset and so far.
3. Shoot down the game, go into the Game mainfolder on your hardrive disk
For exemple E/games/Peg ww2 eastern europe.Surch for the icon with the right gameset.

4.Start the game, play your campaign and have fun. If you play with a wrong gameset you will see wrong flags.
Sorry, the german ww2 flag was a  flag only used until 1935. I did this on purpose.
Nazi-icons are forbitten in Germany , you wont see any in the game.

People"s General WW2

People"s General WW2 Pacific             For this mod you can use an alternative e file     Robert Mary

WW2 Asien E-file                                                                                                                                 Robert Mary

WW2 Eastern Europe                                                                                                                        Robert Mary   

                                                        Robert Mary     

WW2 Western Europe

Have Fun.

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